Food Log, 7/22/10

Breakfast – 1 serving Mrs. Mays Triple Berry Crunch
156 calories, 13g fat, 8g carbs, 5g protein

Mid-Morning Snack – 1 Quaker low-fat Granola bar
90 calories, 1.5g fat, 19g carbs, 1g protein

Lunch – 2sl wheat bread – 280 cal
lunch meat – 42 calories
cheese – 60 calories
Fruit – 100 calories

Mid-Afternoon Snack – small bowl of cereal with almond milk – 100 calories

Dinner – 1.5 grilled pork chops – 200 calories
1/2 cup mashed sweet potatoes – 125 calories

Total calories for the day: 1153



Our workout this morning used exercises that were all-bodyweight, all the time.

We did our typical warmup squats and pushups and lunges, along with the typical agility drills and finished with an 800m run.

Our workout was AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of:

  • 15 Supermans
    9 Pushups
    6 Burpees
  • The “Supermans” were new to us today. They look like this: Courtesy of
    Photo courtesy of

    My abs were definitely feeling it after 9 rounds of these. I realized post-workout, counting warmup and the WOD, I did 101 Pushups this morning before 7am. You gotta love CrossFit for that.

    We finished our workout with a series of sprints interspersed with squats that almost had everyone vomiting. Despite the temperature in the high-50s this morning, I was sweating so bad that I felt like I should hose down the floor in the gym.

    Pure Exhaustion

    Today was arguably the toughest workout we have done in CrossFit Level I since we began 6 weeks ago. I finished the workout in 17 minutes, and my heart was racing the entire time. There is something about alternating lifting and running that pushes exertion way beyond doing either separately.

    This is what our schedule looked like in class this morning:
    800m Warm up run
    20 squats
    20 pushups
    Lunges/high knees/high heels (typical agility work)

  • 4 Sets of:
    15 deadlifts with a 32kg kettlebell in each hand
    10 pushups
  • 400m Run

  • 4 Sets of:
    15 bodyweight squats
    10 ring rows
  • 400m Run

    By the 3rd set of deadlifts, my grip was about ready to give out. I started to get concerned about dropping one of the kettlebells on my toe, but thanks to some chalk on my hands that didn’t happen. I fought the urge to drop to my knees and do modified (read: girl) pushups on the last set. When it came time for the run, I had to walk the first 100m because my heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest. I found the second group of workouts (the squats and rows) to be easier than the first, but I was pouring sweat so bad that the floor around me was soaked. I was able to run the first 200m of the last run, and then walked about 100m, and ran again for the final 100m.

    After all of this, our trainer Lance had us jump and grab the pullup bar and hang down, with our legs raised straight out. My abs, back, and grip were all really shaky by this point, and this drill exacerbated it to the point of failure. I wasn’t even able to hang that way for 30 seconds. We finished up with our typical stretching cooldown routine, and were headed home 45 minutes after arriving and extremely tired. Then I showered quickly, and was at work an hour early to start my day. Strangely enough, I typically feel more energetic on days where I exercise vigorously. That seems backwards from reason!

    The First Lady

    On Tuesday, we met our first Lady of CrossFit: Helen

    We started the morning with an 800m run for warmup, along with the typical squats/pushups/agility drills. Then we did Helen for time, which consists of:

  • 3x for Time:
    400m run
    21 Kettlebell Swings
    12 Pullups
  • I felt bad, because I had to modify my pullups with jumping pullups. My arms just aren’t up to the challenge of pulling my big ass up over the bar 36 times. I think my final time was around 15 minutes, and everyone was almost pass-out tired. We finished up with stretching, and went over the Zone diet with our trainer Lance. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    Benchmarks Part II

    Week 1 of Month 2 was completed today. We finished up our benchmark week with a standing overhead press and back-squat max lifts. I was pretty happy with the weights that I was able to put up, but I stopped short of full max, since it’s been a good long time since I have done super-heavy lifting. I feel like I am plenty strong, and that I just need to work on my conditioning and strength:weight ratio. It’s a lot less impressive to squat 405lbs when you weigh 300lbs.

    This upcoming weekend is another busy one. The University of Texas plays their first game of the season on Saturday, so I will be BBQing and watching that over at Aaron’s place. Then Sunday my friend Zac has rented us a couple of party boats for Lake Travis, so I will be out there all day. On Labor Day Monday, a friend is having a pool party; I will be lucky to get any running in this weekend at all.

    In other news, my poor Civic is still in the shop. It is looking like I will have to put at least $2000 into it before this is all over. I’ve gotten a tune-up, and the 105k mile maintenance (water pump, belts, hoses, timing belt), and now the transmission is having problems. It really hurts to put this much money into a car that’s only worth a few thousand more than the work being done. Hopefully once it is complete it will last me for a good long time!


    Today marked the first CrossFit workout of the new month. We started off with an 800m run warmup, and I was proud of myself for the pace I was able to maintain. I am definitely running longer distances better than I was 2 months ago; between the CrossFit and the Couch-2-5k, I am now capable of running a full mile without stopping. I’m not saying I would enjoy it, but I could definitely do it. After the 800m run, we did our typical 20 squats, 20 pushups, and 20 torso twists to complete the warmup period. Then we did 1-1-1 reps with deadlift, to find a theoretical “max” weight for each of us. I ran into a bit of a snag here: the affiliate we go to only has bumper plates. The bumper plates are about twice the width of a normal 45lb plate, so I was only able to load 8 of them on the bar at a time, to get 405lbs. I feel like I can do quite a bit more than this (I deadlifted 550lbs in high school), but with their equipment that just isn’t possible. On Thursday, we will get our max on back squat and push press, and I should be able to max out on both of those lifts.

    I went to the Flying Saucer last night for the first time in months, and watched the Minnesota Favres beat the Texans on Monday Night Football. It was nice to catch up with Aaron (@ahaley), Britt, and Arwen (of NimCraft). However, I was definitely paying the price for staying out past 10pm and having a few beers when the 5am alarm rolled around. I will be constraining my socializing to weekends only from now on, to avoid having my performance suffer during my workouts. It’s amazing how little things like that can make you feel completely different in the morning!

    Final Week of Month 1

    The final week of the month started off well with Kellen’s birthday party down in Sweeny, TX. We swam, and ate, and drank, and generally had a good time. I (as expected) did not maintain a good diet while out of town. Between grabbing fast food on the long drive there and back, and all of the grilled food, birthday cake, pudding, pancakes, and beer, I definitely got more carbs and calories than I needed to. Hopefully I can get back on my diet as soon as possible.

    Today at CrossFit, I definitely got my money’s worth. We did another circuit involving 400m runs:
    3 sets of:

  • 400m Run
    21 Kettlebell Swings
    12 Burpee Box Jumps
    12 Ring Rows
  • We finished by holding the plank position (like the top of a pushup, with arms straight) for 1 minute, then resting, and doing it again for 45 seconds. My abs were on fire after that! The Kettlebell Swings were definitely something new, and my torso and back and arms are all feeling it. For those of you wondering, this is what the Kettlebell Swings look like (photos are courtesy of Brass Ring Fitness):

    CrossFit continues to keep me off-guard on my workouts, and leaving me with zero gas in my tank. I will be lucky to recover in time for Thursday’s workout.

    On another note, I took my boxer Cassius to the vet today to be neutered. He was very happy to get an early-morning car ride, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him where we were going, and for what.