Run, Run, Run

Over the past couple of months, to prepare our bodies for the high impact of the CrossFit workouts, we have been running on the treadmill 3 times per week in the mornings.  When we started adding more and more time, my shins and lower legs were killing me with each stride.  I have been focusing more on running on the balls of my feet over the last several weeks, and my legs feel much, much better because of it.  My shin splints seem to be gone completely!

This weekend was not great from a dietary standpoint.  We went to the lake with one of Jessica’s coworkers and his family, and the standard fare on the boat was peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, which broke my no-bread rule.  Dinner with them that night was hot dogs, which aren’t great either.  I will bring my own food next time, and I need to learn to be more prepared with Zone-friendly snacks and such for when I will be away from home for a day.  Yesterday I barbequed babyback ribs and a chicken on my smoker, and limited myself to one small serving of potato salad (I just couldn’t pass it up entirely; I am weak-of-will for potato salad).  I also only had 3 beers, spread out over the entire day while I was cooking.  Since Sunday is my lone designated beer day, I felt pretty good about that.

I weighed exactly the same this morning as I did on Friday.  I have normally been 3-5lbs heavier on Monday as compared to Friday, because my diet and activity level aren’t consistent through the weekend.  I need to find a way to balance my need to rest, with keeping my caloric burn rate up on Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone has any tips, please leave them in the comments section!


2 responses to “Run, Run, Run

  1. If you want to maximize your caloric burn over the weekend, keep the bread but reject refined sugars. If your body has the option to burn sugar calories, it will do that instead of burning your fat stores.

  2. And get rid of the Sunday Beer day rule.

    Although, football season is so close…/sigh.

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