Today marked the first CrossFit workout of the new month. We started off with an 800m run warmup, and I was proud of myself for the pace I was able to maintain. I am definitely running longer distances better than I was 2 months ago; between the CrossFit and the Couch-2-5k, I am now capable of running a full mile without stopping. I’m not saying I would enjoy it, but I could definitely do it. After the 800m run, we did our typical 20 squats, 20 pushups, and 20 torso twists to complete the warmup period. Then we did 1-1-1 reps with deadlift, to find a theoretical “max” weight for each of us. I ran into a bit of a snag here: the affiliate we go to only has bumper plates. The bumper plates are about twice the width of a normal 45lb plate, so I was only able to load 8 of them on the bar at a time, to get 405lbs. I feel like I can do quite a bit more than this (I deadlifted 550lbs in high school), but with their equipment that just isn’t possible. On Thursday, we will get our max on back squat and push press, and I should be able to max out on both of those lifts.

I went to the Flying Saucer last night for the first time in months, and watched the Minnesota Favres beat the Texans on Monday Night Football. It was nice to catch up with Aaron (@ahaley), Britt, and Arwen (of NimCraft). However, I was definitely paying the price for staying out past 10pm and having a few beers when the 5am alarm rolled around. I will be constraining my socializing to weekends only from now on, to avoid having my performance suffer during my workouts. It’s amazing how little things like that can make you feel completely different in the morning!


One response to “Benchmarks

  1. If you can, put up an updated version of the chart showing your weight loss every so often.

    Awesome job with your workouts. Hope to to catch up to where you’re at soon.

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