Benchmarks Part II

Week 1 of Month 2 was completed today. We finished up our benchmark week with a standing overhead press and back-squat max lifts. I was pretty happy with the weights that I was able to put up, but I stopped short of full max, since it’s been a good long time since I have done super-heavy lifting. I feel like I am plenty strong, and that I just need to work on my conditioning and strength:weight ratio. It’s a lot less impressive to squat 405lbs when you weigh 300lbs.

This upcoming weekend is another busy one. The University of Texas plays their first game of the season on Saturday, so I will be BBQing and watching that over at Aaron’s place. Then Sunday my friend Zac has rented us a couple of party boats for Lake Travis, so I will be out there all day. On Labor Day Monday, a friend is having a pool party; I will be lucky to get any running in this weekend at all.

In other news, my poor Civic is still in the shop. It is looking like I will have to put at least $2000 into it before this is all over. I’ve gotten a tune-up, and the 105k mile maintenance (water pump, belts, hoses, timing belt), and now the transmission is having problems. It really hurts to put this much money into a car that’s only worth a few thousand more than the work being done. Hopefully once it is complete it will last me for a good long time!


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