Pure Exhaustion

Today was arguably the toughest workout we have done in CrossFit Level I since we began 6 weeks ago. I finished the workout in 17 minutes, and my heart was racing the entire time. There is something about alternating lifting and running that pushes exertion way beyond doing either separately.

This is what our schedule looked like in class this morning:
800m Warm up run
20 squats
20 pushups
Lunges/high knees/high heels (typical agility work)

  • 4 Sets of:
    15 deadlifts with a 32kg kettlebell in each hand
    10 pushups
  • 400m Run

  • 4 Sets of:
    15 bodyweight squats
    10 ring rows
  • 400m Run

    By the 3rd set of deadlifts, my grip was about ready to give out. I started to get concerned about dropping one of the kettlebells on my toe, but thanks to some chalk on my hands that didn’t happen. I fought the urge to drop to my knees and do modified (read: girl) pushups on the last set. When it came time for the run, I had to walk the first 100m because my heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest. I found the second group of workouts (the squats and rows) to be easier than the first, but I was pouring sweat so bad that the floor around me was soaked. I was able to run the first 200m of the last run, and then walked about 100m, and ran again for the final 100m.

    After all of this, our trainer Lance had us jump and grab the pullup bar and hang down, with our legs raised straight out. My abs, back, and grip were all really shaky by this point, and this drill exacerbated it to the point of failure. I wasn’t even able to hang that way for 30 seconds. We finished up with our typical stretching cooldown routine, and were headed home 45 minutes after arriving and extremely tired. Then I showered quickly, and was at work an hour early to start my day. Strangely enough, I typically feel more energetic on days where I exercise vigorously. That seems backwards from reason!


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